Critical Care through the eyes of Intensivist Nurse Practitioners

Welcome to gotPEEP?

We have created this blog to be a place to share, learn, educate, motivate, and hopefully entertain every now and then. Most of all, we want to improve the care of the patients we come into contact with in the pre-hospital environment, emergency departments, and intensive care units around the world. As part of the ever-evolving medical community, we know that there is much to be learned from our mistakes and failures. Equally, we must also learn from our victories and find ways to duplicate success.

One of the inspirations for this site is the realization that we, as critical care nurse practitioners, need to be actively engaging in medical education and research not just in our own units and facilities, but on a global scale as well. We hold a high regard for the skills and knowledge of our physician partners, but believe that we have very unique and valuable perspectives to add and share with the critical care community.

The movement of Free Online Access Medical Education (#FOAMed) is also very near and dear to our hearts and has impacted our clinical practice in a very positive way. We will also be sharing content from the incredible folks that presented at the Social Media and Critical Care conferences (#SMACC). Our intention is that this page will serve as a high quality and useful resource for all Critical Care providers- Paramedics, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants, and Physicians.